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Stainless Steel Blower
Smoke Exhaust Induced Draft 1200mm Air Circulation Fan

Smoke Exhaust Induced Draft 1200mm Air Circulation Fan

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Henan China
Brand Name: SIMO
Certification: CE, ISO9001:2008,TUV
Model Number: SIMO Blower
Detail Information
Place of Origin:
Henan China
Brand Name:
CE, ISO9001:2008,TUV
Model Number:
SIMO Blower
Carbon Steel/Alloy Steel/Stainless Steel
Dynamic Balanced
Motor Type:
Three Phase AC Motor
Direct/Coupling Driven/V-belt Driven
SKF/FAG/By Your Demand
SIEMENS/ABB/By Your Demand
High Light:

High Light

High Light:

1200mm Air Circulation Fan


1200mm Induced Draft Fan


1450rpm Air Circulation Fan

Trading Information
Minimum Order Quantity:
1 Set
Packaging Details:
Export Wooden Case Packing, Steel pallet Packing
Delivery Time:
15-35 Days
Payment Terms:
T/T, L/C, Payment Term Is Negotiable
Supply Ability:
500 Sets Per Month
Product Description

Stainless Steel Smoke Exhaust Induced Draft Air Circulation Fan


Introduction Of Centrifugal Fan


When the fan is working, the airflow enters the blade space from the fan axially, and then rotates with the impeller under the drive of the impeller; on the other hand, it increases energy under the action of inertia, leaves the impeller along the radius, and does work by the centrifugal force generated. The fan is called a centrifugal fan.


The main components of the centrifugal fan are: impeller, casing, coupling and shaft. The impeller is the main work component that generates wind pressure and transfers energy; the casing is mainly used to introduce gas and exhaust gas, and at the same time convert part of the kinetic energy of the gas into pressure energy; the coupling is used to connect the motor and the fan to transmit torque;the shaft is installed with the motor through a coupling and the impeller is fixed.


The centrifugal fan is mainly composed of an impeller and a casing. The impeller of the small fan is directly mounted on the motor, and the large fan is connected with the motor through a coupling or a pulley.


Centrifugal fans generally use single-side air intake and use single-stage impellers; those with large flow can be air-intaken on both sides and use two back-to-back impellers, which are also called double-suction centrifugal fans.


The principle of gas discharge: When the gas between the blades of the centrifugal fan rotates, the kinetic energy obtained by the centrifugal force is discharged from the periphery of the impeller, guided by the volute-shaped casing, so that it flows to the outlet of the ventilator, thereby being in the center of the impeller. Negative pressure is formed in the part, so that the external airflow continuously flows in and supplements, so that the fan can discharge the gas.


Technical data


Temperature Normal temperature air, Hot air

Air composition

Clean air, Dusty air, Corrosive gas, Combustible gas,Powder materials, Light particle materials
Impeller diameter 1200~1240


Speed of mainshaft 1450 rpm
Pressure range 2471~3903 Pa
Flow range


Blade Backward
Impeller support SWSI (Single Width, Single Inlet), Impeller overhung.
Drivetrain Direct, Coupling, V-belt Can assign
Lubrication Oil bath lubrication
Bearing cooling Air cooling, Water cooling, Oil cooling
Motor ABB, SIEMENS, WEG, TECO, SIMO, Chinese brand…


Can assign


Q235, Q345, SS304, SS316, HG785, DB685...

Casing, Air inlet cone,

Air inlet damper

Q235, Q345, SS304, SS316, HG785, DB685...
Main shaft 45# steel(High-strength carbon structural steel), 42CrMo, Stainless steel...
Bearing FAG, SKF, NSK, ZWZ…
System base frame, Protective screening,Silencer, Inlet & Outlet pipeline compensator,
Inlet & Outlet flange,  Damper, Electric actuator, Shock isolator, Diaphragm coupling, Fluid coupling, Motor rain cover, Temperature sensor, Vibrating sensor, Soft starter, Inverter, Special Electrical Motor,System monitoring Instrument, Lube system, Overhead lube tank etc



Product Features

  • The centrifugal blower has compact structure, beautiful appearance, good stability and easy installation and maintenance.
  • Centrifugal fan runs smoothly: the optimized design of the impeller reduces the axial force to a minimum, and there is an efficient impeller, and the static and dynamic balance correction makes the whole machine run smoothly. Without any damping device, the bearing Amplitude ≤0.04mm.
  • Low noise: when the blower is running, there is no mechanical friction, and reasonable blade profile is adopted to minimize the noise. The noise produced by centrifugal blower is high frequency noise, which can be soundproofed as long as there are obstacles, so there is almost no noise outside the blower room.
  • Oil-free machinery: blower bearings are lubricated with grease, and the service life of bearings is over three years. The fan does not produce oil and gas during operation. Fans with special requirements use lithium molybdenum disulfide grease to lubricate bearings.
  • The impeller of centrifugal fan adopts special compound line shape, which reduces internal leakage and improves volumetric efficiency.
  • Easy to adjust: the regulating door on the inlet side adjusts the flow rate and the regulating door on the outlet side adjusts the pressure
  • Drive mode: usually a two-pole asynchronous motor, but also a four-pole motor drive. According to different user power grids, motors of different voltages can be used.
  • Sealing: Labyrinth seals are installed on the impeller of each stage except the inlet ring, the interstage and both ends of the casing to prevent gas leakage.



1,Q: What’s the MOQ of your company?

A: The MOQ is 1set.

2,Q: How long is the delivery time?

A :     A:5-35 days.

3,Q : What’s your payment terms?

   A : T/T, L/C, or Negotiable.

4,Q: What’s your warranty?
  A: 1 year.
5,Q: Is your company factory or trade company?

  A: We have our own factory, our type is factory +trade.

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