Lime Rotary Kiln Flue Gas Desulfurization Heavy Duty Centrifugal Fans

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Henan China
Brand Name: SIMO
Certification: CE, ISO9001:2008,TUV
Model Number: SIMO Blower 4-10
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Export Wooden Case Packing, Steel pallet Packing
Delivery Time: 15-35 Days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Payment Term Is Negotiable
Supply Ability: 500 Sets Per Month
Feature: High Performance Voltage: 380V/415V/440V/660V/6KV/10KV
Material: Carbon Steel/Alloy Steel/Stainless Steel Power Source: Three Phase AC Motor
Motor: SIEMENS/ABB/By Your Demand Lubrication: Oil Bath Lubrication
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Desulfurization Heavy Duty Centrifugal Fans


5423pa Heavy Duty Centrifugal Fans


Desulfurization exhaust centrifugal blower

Lime Rotary Kiln Flue Gas Desulfurization Heavy Duty Centrifugal Fans


        Detail introduction


4-10 series ventilation and induced draft fans are suitable for the ventilation and induced draft fan systems of 2~670T/h steam boilers in thermal power plants.


It can also be used for mine ventilation and general ventilation without other special requirements; Mainly used to meet the needs of large air flow applications, low noise and high efficiency.


They can transport clean gas, dusty gas, flammable gas, corrosive gas, powder or granular materials at normal temperature or high temperature.

Typical applications include: building ventilation, mine ventilation, smoke evacuation, drying, clinker cooling, transport of gas, transport of lightweight materials, blasting and drafting of industrial boiler systems, and supply of air to kiln systems/incinerator systems and induced air, air purification equipment, industrial dust collector systems, etc.


In addition to the industrial system, it is also frequently used in agriculture and civil applications and the most versatile range of centrifugal fans.




1. Install centrifugal fans in mines and tunnels to re-enter fresh air and exhaust dirty air to ensure air circulation in the mines and tunnels.Centrifugal fans can help dust discharge, ensure air transparency in mines and tunnels, and ensure the health of workers in mines and tunnels.

2. A centrifugal fan is installed in the cooling tower, which not only plays the role of ventilation and ensures the normal operation of the cooling tower, but also plays a positive role in improving the cooling effect of the cooling tower by the large flow wind generated by the centrifugal fan.

3. Main ventilator in coal mine is an important equipment to ensure normal ventilation in underground mine, which not only affects the production capacity of coal mine, but also is very important to the safety of mining industry.

4. Centrifugal fans are widely used in boilers and industrial furnaces. They mainly play the role of ventilation and air induction. On the one hand, they ensure the environment of the boiler room or industrial kiln. On the other hand, they allow the replacement of oxygen-enriched air, which makes the firepower of the boiler or kiln more fierce and saves coal to a certain extent. Wait for power resources to reduce enterprise production costs.


Technical data


series model

Heavy Duty Fan

Rotation Speed

Heavy Duty Fan

Total Pressure

Heavy Duty Fan

Air Capacity

Heavy Duty Fan


4-10D 8D 1450 868 ~ 1303 16156 ~ 30993 11 ~ 15
9D 960 ~ 1450 481 ~ 1651 15229 ~ 44128 7.5 ~ 30
10D 730 ~ 1450 343 ~ 2041 15886 ~ 60533 5.5 ~ 37
11D 730 ~ 1450 415 ~ 2474 21144 ~ 80570 11 ~ 55
12D 730 ~ 1450 495 ~ 2949 27451 ~ 104600 11 ~ 110
14D 730 ~ 1450 674 ~ 4029 43591 ~166100 22 ~ 185
16D 580 ~ 960 555 ~ 2293 51699 ~ 164150 45 ~ 132
18D 960 703 ~ 2908 73610 ~ 233730 45 ~ 200
20D 580 ~ 960 868 ~ 3598 100970 ~ 320610 75 ~ 380
22D 480 ~ 960 755 ~ 4256 116000 ~ 434000 125 ~ 600
25D 480 ~ 730 981 ~ 3187 171000 ~ 484000 140 ~ 475
28D 480 ~ 730 1186 ~ 3969 59000 ~ 545000 400 ~ 1000
29.5D 596 ~ 745 2452 ~ 5423 348000 ~ 810000 630 ~ 1250


Product Advantages of Centrifugal Fans

1. The impeller of centrifugal fan is designed to be backward inclined, which has no friction in operation, very low noise and is not easy to be stained with dust, so it is very convenient to maintain.

2. Good ventilation effect: Centrifugal fan is especially suitable for pipe exhaust or air supply, and can be used in places where there is no corrosive, flammable and explosive gas, which can achieve good ventilation effect.

3. Strong corrosion resistance: the surface of centrifugal fan is sprayed, which has strong oxidation resistance and is not easy to rust. The casing and impeller are made of high-quality steel plates, which makes the centrifugal fan very strong and durable.

4. SIMO Blower uses high-quality raw materials, thick materials, or stainless steel plates,all formed at one time.




1.Q: What’s the MOQ of your company ?

A: The MOQ is 1set.


2.Q: How long is the delivery time ?

A:5-35 days.


3.Q : What’s your payment terms ?

A : T/T, L/C, or Negotiable.


4.Q: What’s your warranty ?
A: 1 year.

5.Q: Is your company factory or trade company ?

A: We have our own factory, our type is factory +trade.


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