Oven Wall Cooling Centrifugal Flow Fan Induced Draft Fan In Boiler

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Henan China
Brand Name: SIMO
Certification: CE, ISO9001:2008,TUV
Model Number: SIMO Blower 5-11
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Price: 300-5000 USD
Packaging Details: Export Wooden Case Packing, Steel pallet Packing
Delivery Time: 15-35 Days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Payment Term Is Negotiable
Supply Ability: 500 Sets Per Month
Application: Industrial Ventilation Feature: High Performance
Motor Type: Three Phase AC Motor Main Shaft: High-strength Carbon Structural Steel
Drivetrain: Direct/Coupling Driven/V-belt Driven Delivery Time: 30 Days
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large centrifugal fan


centrifugal exhaust fan blower

Industrial Energy Saving Oven Wall Cooling Centrifugal Flow Blower Fan




It is boiler induced draft Centrifugal Flow Blower fan with a total internal pressure efficiency of 90.5% specially designed to be suitable for various coal quality and equipped with a smoke-and-dust removal device (1~20 tons/hour).

This type of fan is currently used in the boiler industry. The air volume of the induced draft fan and the difference in wind pressure are relatively large, in order to adapt to the above situation, considering the practicability of the fan, in addition to the 20-ton boiler ID fan need large power coupling direct transmission, the other uses the triangular belt type transmission.

This can use different speeds to meet the requirements of various dust collectors in the same tonnage boiler, combined redundant fan series and machine number.


Technical data        


Centrifugal Flow Fan series Centrifugal Flow Fan model Rotation Speed
Total Pressure
Air Capacity
5-11 4C 2900 9901873 27505750 34
5C 26202900 12652265 48409870 5.57.5
6C 26202850 18243148 837016760 1518.5
8C 18201980 17262991 1378027600 2230
9C 17401820 20003197 1878036140 37

Advantages and Features


1. It is capable of outputting a higher outlet pressure while providing more gas flow with lower noise. Stable operation at higher media temperatures.

2. The adjustment door can be used to flexibly adjust the pressure and flow of the fan during operation. It can also be equipped with a variable frequency motor to adjust the pressure and flow of the fan by changing the speed.

3. The Centrifugal Flow Blower Fan's bearing cooling method selects a low-cost water-cooling method or an oil-cooling method with better heat dissipation depending on the gas temperature and the conditions of the use environment. For extremely high temperature operating conditions, an electronic cooler can also be added to absolutely protect the reliable operation of the fan system.

4. For the materials of impeller and main shaft, for different working conditions and working speed, we will choose high-strength carbon steel, low-alloy steel, high-temperature alloy steel, high temperature resistant high-strength alloy steel, make the impeller and main shaft to maintain reliable strength at high temperatures.

5. For dust-containing gas, we can meet various working conditions from a small amount of dust to a very large dust content. After special treatment, the surface hardness of the blade can reach HRC60~70, which can extend the life of the impeller by more than 3 times.

6. The Centrifugal Flow Blower Fan's bearing housing is reserved for temperature and vibration sensor mounting positions, for convenient to install the fan operation monitoring device.

7. The weld and the main shaft of the impeller are ultrasonic flaw detection to ensure that there are no welding defects and material defects to ensure strength.

8. After the production is completed, all products are tested for running and vibration values for reliable operation.

9. There are a variety of accessories to choose from.

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