Fluidized Boiler Stainless Steel Forced 960r/min Induced Draft Fan

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Henan China
Brand Name: SIMO
Certification: CE, ISO9001:2008,TUV
Model Number: SIMO Blower 6-06
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Export Wooden Case Packing, Steel pallet Packing
Delivery Time: 15-35 Days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Payment Term Is Negotiable
Supply Ability: 500 Sets Per Month
Bearing Type: Rolling Bearing Impeller Support: SWSI (Single Width, Single Inlet), Impeller Overhung
Power Source: Three Phase AC Motor Motor: SIEMENS/ABB/By Your Demand
Bearing Cooling: Air Cooling Or Circulating Water Cooling Medium: Clean Air/Dusty Air
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960r/Min Induced Draft Fan


1541pa Induced Draft Fan


960r/Min induced draft fan in boiler

Fluidized Boiler Stainless Steel Corrosion Resistant Forced Draught Blower


Centrifugal Fan Of SIMO Blower


SIMO Blower —— the centrifugal fan manufacturer,whom has stable product performance, high quality, reliable quality, timely supply and good reputation.


SIMO Blower has strong technical force, complete testing and experiment equipment, advanced quality inspection methods, sophisticated manufacturing equipment, complete professional fan processing, dynamic balance testing and special molding abrasive tools. The products have achieved standardization and scale to ensure that the performance and quality of the fan meets the requirements of national standards.


The appearance of the product has been carefully polished, the surface is smooth, shiny and bright, giving people a comfortable feeling. Adopting advanced design and manufacturing technology in production technology, each process has undergone strict testing and passed CE certification.

Intimate humanized service: SIMO provides one-to-one personality design; Make a plan first, and then manufacture after customer satisfaction, so as to fully protect the interests of customers.


Induced draft fan, high-quality large flow centrifugal fan, fan with more complete models, Choose SIMO Blower with more reasonable price!


Technical data


Forced Draught Blower


Forced Draught Blower


Forced Draught Blower

Rotation Speed

Forced Draught Blower

Total Pressure

Forced Draught Blower

Air Capacity

Forced Draught Blower


6-06 8D 1450 18592745 1100026400 15 ~ 22
9D 1450 23533474 1570037500 30 ~ 45
10D 1450 29054289 2150051500 45 ~ 75
11D 960 ~ 1450 15415190 2270068500 22 ~ 110
12D 960 ~ 1450 18346176 2460089000 37 ~ 160
13D 960 ~ 1450 21527248 31200113000 55 ~ 250
14D 960 ~ 1450 24968406 39000141000 75 ~ 400
15D 730 ~ 1450 16579650 36600172000 45 ~ 500
16D 730 ~ 1450 188510980 44300211000 75 ~ 710
17D 730 ~ 960 21285433 53200168000 90 ~ 280
18D 730 ~ 960 23866091 63100199000 110 ~ 355
19D 730 ~ 960 26586787 74200234000 160 ~ 500
20D 730 ~ 960 29467520 86700273000 200 ~ 630
21D 580 ~ 960 20508290 79500316000 200 ~ 800
22D 580 ~ 960 22509099 92200363000 220 ~ 1000
23.5D 580 ~ 960 256710380 112000443000 220 ~ 1400
25D 580 ~ 730 67946464 134000406000 355 ~ 800
26.5D 480 ~ 730 22367633 132000483000 220 ~ 1120
28D 480 ~ 730 24968522 156000569000 315 ~ 1400
29.5D 480 ~ 730 2771 ~ 9460 183000667000 400 ~ 2000


Introduction Of Centrifugal Fan


When the fan is working, the airflow enters the blade space from the fan axially, and then rotates with the impeller under the drive of the impeller; on the other hand, it increases energy under the action of inertia, leaves the impeller along the radius, and does work by the centrifugal force generated. The fan is called a centrifugal fan.


The main components of the centrifugal fan are: impeller, casing, coupling and shaft. The impeller is the main work component that generates wind pressure and transfers energy; the casing is mainly used to introduce gas and exhaust gas, and at the same time convert part of the kinetic energy of the gas into pressure energy; the coupling is used to connect the motor and the fan to transmit torque;the shaft is installed with the motor through a coupling and the impeller is fixed.


The centrifugal fan is mainly composed of an impeller and a casing. The impeller of the small fan is directly mounted on the motor, and the large fan is connected with the motor through a coupling or a pulley.


Centrifugal fans generally use single-side air intake and use single-stage impellers; those with large flow can be air-intaken on both sides and use two back-to-back impellers, which are also called double-suction centrifugal fans.


The principle of gas discharge: When the gas between the blades of the centrifugal fan rotates, the kinetic energy obtained by the centrifugal force is discharged from the periphery of the impeller, guided by the volute-shaped casing, so that it flows to the outlet of the ventilator, thereby being in the center of the impeller. Negative pressure is formed in the part, so that the external airflow continuously flows in and supplements, so that the fan can discharge the gas.




1.Q: What’s the MOQ of your company ?

A: The MOQ is 1set.

2.Q: How long is the delivery time ?

A:5-35 days.

3.Q : What’s your payment terms ?

A : T/T, L/C, or Negotiable.

4.Q: What’s your warranty ?
A: 1 year.

5.Q: Is your company factory or trade company ?

A: We have our own factory, our type is factory +trade.


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