Explosion Proof Motors Dust Collection Blower Centrifugal 2900r/Min

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Certification: CE
Model Number: SIMO Blower 9-08
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: 6000
Air Composition: Flammable Gas Temperature: Normal Temperature Air/Hot Air
Application: Industrial Ventilation Feature: High Performance
Medium: Clean Air/Dusty Air System Type: Single Inlet, Overhang Type
Impeller Test: Ultrasonic Flaw Detection Bearing Type: Rolling Bearing
Certification: CE Motor Type: Explosion-proof Motors
High Light:

explosion proof motors dust collection blower


2900r/min dust collection blower


2900r/min explosion proof centrifugal fan



Explosion-proof centrifugal fans are divided into two types: motor explosion-proof and complete machine explosion-proof. Since the motors used in ordinary fans do not have explosion-proof performance, the explosion-proof centrifugal fans replace the standard motor with a motor with explosion-proof performance, which is often used in some larger models of fans to increase its safety factor.


Detail introduction


The Explosion-proof centrifugal fan of the whole machine means that in addition to using an explosion-proof motor, the remaining accessories must have explosion-proof performance. For example, the fan casing, fan impeller, fan belt and belt cover, etc., need to be explosion-proof as a whole.
This series of fans is is mainly composed of impeller, casing, air inlet, regulating door and transmission part.
(1) The impeller consists of 12 backward-inclined wing-shaped blades welded between the arc-shaped wheel cover and the flat-shaped wheel disc. The use of airfoil-shaped blades ensures the high efficiency, low noise, and high strength of the fan. The impeller runs smoothly after static and dynamic balance correction. The impeller structures of the ventilation and induced draft fans of the same machine number are the same.
(2) Chassis The casing is a volute body welded with ordinary steel plates. The casing of the fan is made of an integral structure. For the induced draft fan, there is a dust cleaning door on the scroll plate, which is appropriately thickened to prevent soot wear and extend its service life.
(3) The air inlet is a convergent streamlined overall structure and is fixed on the inlet side of the casing with bolts.
(4) Adjustment door: a device used to adjust the flow rate of the fan. It consists of 13 braided blades, all of which are installed axially in front of the air inlet. Due to the external transmission structure, the rotation is flexible and convenient. The adjustment range is from 90° (fully closed) to 0° (fully open). Adjust the position of the door lever, looking from the direction of the air inlet, it is on the right side. For a right-hand cyclone fan, pushing the lever handle from bottom to top will change the direction from fully closed to fully open; for a left-hand cyclone fan, pulling the lever handle from top to bottom will change the direction from fully closed to fully open.
(5) The transmission group consists of main shaft, bearing box, coupling, etc. The spindle is made of high quality steel. The rolling bearing water-cooled integral bearing box is used. Therefore, water pipes need to be installed. Water consumption varies depending on the ambient temperature, and is generally considered to be 0.5~1m3/h. The bearing housing is equipped with a thermometer and oil level indicator.

Technical data

series model Rotation Speed
Total Pressure
Air Capacity
8-12 4D 2900 19422108 32426869 5.57.5
4.5D 2900 24622805 46169781 7.511
5D 2900 30303375 633313417 1522
5.6D 2900 38054227 889718847 3037
6.3D 1450 12061373 633413419 5.57.5
7.1D 1450 15301746 906619208 1115
8D 1450 19422216 1296925059 18.530
9D 1450 24622805 1846639122 3745
10D 1450 30303462 2533053666 5575
11.2D 9601450 16674345 2356175397 45132
12.5D 730960 12062305 2490769396 2275
14D 730960 15102972 3499397496 37132
16D 730960 19713884 52234145533 75250

Product Features


Provide factory measurement performance, vibration, and test report to prevent failure and ensure the operation of the fan in good condition.The converging and streamlined air inlet is made into a unitary structure and bolted to the inlet side of the fan.



1,What parameters need to be provided when you design the industrial centrifugal fans?

A: Air flow, total pressure or static pressure, inlet temperature, local voltage and frequency, Altitude etc.
If there is flammable and explosive gas, or big dust loading in the medium, please also inform the designer.
2,How about your company’s pre-sales service and after-sales service?
A: Before our cooperation, we have the professional technical team to help you make the technical solution according to your working condition, to make sure the centrifugal fan efficiency operation.
After sales service, we will offer 12 months’ repairing service, and provide lifelong follow-up services. Besides, our engineers are available for going abroad to offer the repairing service.
3,Does your company have qualifications?
A: SIMO Blower has obtained ISO 9001-2008, CE, TUV certifications and so on.


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