Q345 1450r/Min 26400m3/H Dust Collector Fan Single Inlet Centrifugal Blower

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Henan China
Brand Name: SIMO
Certification: CE, ISO9001:2008,TUV
Model Number: SIMO Blower 6-06
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Export Wooden Case Packing, Steel pallet Packing
Delivery Time: 15-35 Days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Payment Term Is Negotiable
Supply Ability: 500 Sets Per Month
Impeller Support: SWSI (Single Width, Single Inlet), Impeller Overhung Material: Carbon Steel/Alloy Steel/Stainless Steel
Bearing Type: Rolling Bearing Impeller: Dynamic Balanced
Category: Blower System Type: Single Inlet, Overhang Type
High Light:

26400m3/H Dust Collector Fan


1450r/Min Dust Collector Fan


1450r/Min Single Inlet Centrifugal Blower

Single Inlet Energy Efficiency Q345 Dust Collector Blower Fan


Detail introduction


6-06 series centrifugal fan is generally used for gas transportation of granular or powdery materials, and can be widely used to transport air and non-corrosive non-self-igniting, non-viscous substances.

The temperature of the medium generally does not exceed 50°C (max 80°C), the dust and hard particles contained in the medium is not more than 150 mg / m3.


Product features


1. According to customer performance requirements customized design, and optimized by CFD technology, the energy consumption is lower than similar models.

2. For the material of impeller and main spindle, we will choose high-strength carbon steel, low-alloy steel, high-temperature alloy steel, high temperature high-strength alloy steel for different working conditions temperature and working speed, so that the impeller and main spindle at high temperature still maintain reliable strength.

3. For dusty gas, we can meet all kinds of working conditions from small amount of dust to large amount of dust. After special treatment, the hardness of blade surface can reach HRC60~70, which can extend the life of the impeller by more than 3 times.


Technical data


series model Rotation Speed
Total Pressure
Air Capacity
6-06 8C 1450 18592745 1100026400 15 ~ 22
9C 1450 23533474 1570037500 30 ~ 45
10C 1450 29054289 2150051500 45 ~ 75
11C 960 ~ 1450 15415190 2270068500 22 ~ 110
12C 960 ~ 1450 18346176 2460089000 37 ~ 160
13C 960 ~ 1450 21527248 31200113000 55 ~ 250
14C 960 ~ 1450 24968406 39000141000 75 ~ 400
15C 730 ~ 1450 16579650 36600172000 45 ~ 500
16C 730 ~ 1450 188510980 44300211000 75 ~ 710
17C 730 ~ 960 21285433 53200168000 90 ~ 280
18C 730 ~ 960 23866091 63100199000 110 ~ 355
19C 730 ~ 960 26586787 74200234000 160 ~ 500
20C 730 ~ 960 29467520 86700273000 200 ~ 630
21C 580 ~ 960 20508290 79500316000 200 ~ 800
22C 580 ~ 960 22509099 92200363000 220 ~ 1000
23.5C 580 ~ 960 256710380 112000443000 220 ~ 1400
25C 580 ~ 730 67946464 134000406000 355 ~ 800
26.5C 480 ~ 730 22367633 132000483000 220 ~ 1120
28C 480 ~ 730 24968522 156000569000 315 ~ 1400
29.5C 480 ~ 730 2771 ~ 9460 183000667000 400 ~ 2000



1. In the factory, the workshops, warehouses and other departments are equipped with centrifugal fans, which play a role in ventilation, ensure the fresh air in the workshop, and help to purify the working environment and the health of employees. At the same time, the factory warehouse is equipped with centrifugal fans to dry the air to ensure that the mechanical equipment or other industrial products maintain the original quality.

2. Install centrifugal fans in mines and tunnels to re-enter fresh air and exhaust dirty air to ensure air circulation in the mines and tunnels.Centrifugal fans can help dust discharge, ensure air transparency in mines and tunnels, and ensure the health of workers in mines and tunnels.

3. A centrifugal fan is installed in the cooling tower, which not only plays the role of ventilation and ensures the normal operation of the cooling tower, but also plays a positive role in improving the cooling effect of the cooling tower by the large flow wind generated by the centrifugal fan.

4. Main ventilator in coal mine is an important equipment to ensure normal ventilation in underground mine, which not only affects the production capacity of coal mine, but also is very important to the safety of mining industry.

5. Centrifugal fans are widely used in boilers and industrial furnaces. They mainly play the role of ventilation and air induction. On the one hand, they ensure the environment of the boiler room or industrial kiln. On the other hand, they allow the replacement of oxygen-enriched air, which makes the firepower of the boiler or kiln more fierce and saves coal to a certain extent. Wait for power resources to reduce enterprise production costs.




1. What parameters need to be provided when you design the Heat Dissipation Power Plant Blower Fan?

Answers: Air flow, total pressure or static pressure, inlet temperature, local voltage and frequency, Altitude etc.

If there is flammable and explosive gas, or big dust loading in the medium, please also inform the designer.


2. How about your company’s pre-sales service and after-sales service?

Answers: Before our cooperation, we have the professional technical team to help you make the technical solution according to your working condition, to make sure the centrifugal fan efficiency operation.

After sales service, we will offer 12 months’ repairing service, and provide lifelong follow-up services. Besides, our engineers are available for going abroad to offer the repairing service.


3. Does your company have qualifications?

Answers: SIMO Blower has obtained ISO 9001-2008, CE, BV certifications and so on.


Q345 1450r/Min 26400m3/H Dust Collector Fan Single Inlet Centrifugal Blower 0

Q345 1450r/Min 26400m3/H Dust Collector Fan Single Inlet Centrifugal Blower 1

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