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What Are The Types Of Fan Impellers?

June 15, 2021

The impeller is the core component of the fan, which directly determines the overall performance, safety and reliability of the fan. Our company implements strict quality management throughout the whole process from raw materials entering the factory to finished products leaving the factory. The main process is as follows.
1. Purchase:
According to the design requirements, select the designated grades of national standard steel materials with a material guarantee, and enter the material inspection procedure after passing the size and macro inspection. Each batch of steel is sampled and inspected, and the material composition is confirmed to be qualified, and then transferred to the blanking procedure.
2. Cutting, forming, welding:
The front disc, rear disc, middle disc and blades of the impeller are all cut with CNC laser to ensure the accuracy of the profile and reduce thermal deformation during cutting. After passing the dimensional inspection, transfer to the forming procedure.
The front disc, rear disc, and middle disc parts of the impeller are all pressed into a 1000t cantilever press with special molds. After passing the inspection of the shape line model, they are transferred to the welding procedure.
Welding adopts a combination of carbon dioxide gas shielded welding and manual arc welding. The preheating of the workpiece and the preheating of the electrode are carried out in accordance with the national standard. When welding, the front disc, rear disc, middle disc, blade and other parts of the impeller are scribed, spot welded, spliced, leveled, carbon arc gouging (grooving), pressure group welding, conformal, riveting, Then the outer circle of the impeller is processed on the vertical lathe. After completion, the radial runout and end runout of the impeller are inspected, 100% size inspection, 100% weld inspection, and then transferred to the stress relief program.
3. Stress relief:
The impellers of our company adopt high temperature annealing to relieve stress. Put the impeller into the annealing kiln and heat it to 980℃~1020℃, keep it in the furnace for 2h, then lower the furnace temperature to 720℃~780℃, keep it in the furnace for 1h, then cool down the impeller slowly. After the impeller is annealed, the internal stress is controlled within the allowable range, which ensures the reliable operation of the impeller.


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4. Quality inspection:
After the stress relief is completed, the chief quality controller will perform 100% shape line inspection, 100% size inspection, 100% weld height inspection, weld ultrasonic or color flaw detection, and runout inspection. After all the inspections are qualified, transfer to the balance procedure.
5. Balance:
According to the weight of the impeller, select 40T, 20T, 10T, 5T dynamic balance test machines to carry out static and dynamic balance experiments, and accept them according to JB/T 9101-1999 "Ventilator Rotor Balance".
6. Painting:
Perform surface treatment and painting according to JB/T 6886—95 "Technical Conditions for Coating of Fans", and can be put into storage after passing the appearance inspection.

SIMO Blower specializes in producing centrifugal fans for 65 years, with sophisticated equipment and mature technology. In order to ensure the quality of each fan, SIMO Blower has a dynamic balance accuracy of less than 4.0mm/s, and strives for perfection in each process to meet the high standards of the fan industry.