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What Are The Types Of Fan Impeller?

November 1, 2021

Impeller is the heart of centrifugal fan. Different working conditions have different requirements for impeller forms of centrifugal fans. According to the blade Angle of impeller outlet, it can be divided into three types: forward type, radial type and backward type.
Forward type blade, blade outlet Angle β2 > 90 °, the export of wind pressure is higher, but the efficiency is low, the forward type blade easily gathered impurities between the impellers, easy fouling, used for air flow, but requires higher area, wide application, blade generally narrower, quantity, type common to fan model has 9-10 series, 9-08 series high pressure fan.


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Radial blade: the outlet Angle of the blade β2=90°, it has simple structure, low production cost, parameters between the forward type and the back type, low efficiency, because of its characteristics of not easy to scale, it is more used in the mine and heavy dust conditions.

Backward blade: blade outlet Angle β2<90°, it has large air volume, low pressure, but high efficiency, can reach 80%-90%, so it is widely used, and because of its characteristics of not easy to scale, in power plant, metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials and other fields is very widely used.