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SIMO Blower Takes You To Visit The Factory--Dynamic Balance Process

September 2, 2020

Hello everyone, this is SIMO Blower. Today we come to the workshop to show you the process of dynamic balance. We know that the impeller is one of the important parts of the fan, and the dynamic balance test is a necessary step to correct the imbalance of the impeller. Its purpose is to reduce its vibration, reduce noise, reduce operating stress, and avoid failures that cause casualties, ensure that the impeller runs smoothly.

Such important process, what processes it contains, please follow me.

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Our workshop has large and small dynamic balance machines with different carrying capacities, such as 1 ton, 3 ton, 10 ton and 40 ton according to the load capacity and so on. Each impeller that has been welded will be checked by selecting a suitable balance machine according to its size and weight.

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What we are seeing now is a 40-ton large-scale dynamic balance machine, which is used to check the impellers of large or heavy-duty fans. The impellers weigh more than 10 tons. Let's take a look at how the worker master conduct dynamic balance verification. First of all, check the equipment before operation, let it warm up for 30 minutes, determine the dynamic balance static balance and dynamic balance shaft, and then check the appearance of the impeller to see if there are major appearance defects, if it affects the dynamic balance for defects in the operation of the process and the overall quality of the fan, the process should be stopped immediately, and the dynamic balance verification can only be continued when the defect factors are eliminated.

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Now the work master starts to check the dynamic balance of the impeller. After the impeller is hoisted on the machine, according to the dynamic balance measurement system, observe the running dynamics of the impeller to perform unbalance correction. Find the unbalance point, add the balance weight, and re-check until it meets the requirements. Then it can be transferred to the next process with the signature of the quality inspector.

In order to ensure the quality of each fan, we have a dynamic balance accuracy of less than 4.0mm/s, and strives for perfection in each process to meet the high standards of the fan industry. SIMO Blower, you are worthy of trust. If you want to know more about the fan, please contact us. We look forward to cooperating with you !