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Shipment Of Centrifugal Fans To Ukraine

November 17, 2020

On November 16th, the centrifugal fans to Ukraine has begun to be shipped. It is a heavy-duty single-suction double-support centrifugal fan with the advantages of stable operation and convenient maintenance. The induced draft fan is used for dust collectors in steel plants.

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The customer contacted us as early as 2016. During this period, they conducted many inquiry and communication. Through multi-party comparison, they finally chose to cooperate with us and signed a purchase contract in August this year. Taking into account the low environmental temperature in Ukraine in winter (below -35℃), in order to meet the needs of on-site use, our technicians chose an oil-cooled device in the design instead of the usual water-cooled device. It fully avoids the freezing and cracking of the water cooling device during the operation of the fan in winter.

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Due to the tight construction period required on site in Ukraine, with the full cooperation of SIMO Blower’s workshop, the workers worked overtime to complete the production and testing of this fan. Now the fan has been fully installed and will be sent to Ukraine. In order to reach the project site faster, land transportation was chosen for this transportation method. We hope that our blower fans can bring customers higher efficiency, better experience, and ultimately win praise.

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