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Latest company case about Xinxiang SIMO Blower Co., Ltd. Certifications

Induced draft fans for desulfurization and denitrification


Latest company case about Induced draft fans for desulfurization and denitrification

A French electric power company which is committed to environmental protection came to SIMO BLOWER on June 14th, 2016. And they want to purchase a batch of induced draft fans for desulfurization and denitrification, and the diameter of impeller has to be 2500mm. Their purposes of visiting SIMO BLOWER this time are mainly for investigating our production strength, and having negotiations with SIMO BLOWER face to face about the technical and commercial schemes of the project.

●Company production strength: Clients inspected SIMO BLOWER's production process and quality control procedures, from the aspects of physical and chemical laboratory, cutting of raw materials, welding of the fan’s components, running testing, dynamic balancing and the annealing of the impeller, and etc. After the inspection, customers highly recognized SIMO's production strength. SIMO BLOWER has accumulated rich experience of fan’s design, manufacture, testing and so on, in the more than 60 years of fan production history. And SIMO BLOWER has got the certifications of ISO9001:2008, CE, ISO4001-2004, GB/T24001-2004, and the AA level. We have also got the science and technology progress award issued by the Government. And all of our fans are designed, developed, produced, and installed according to the GB/T19001-ISO9001 quality system.

●Technology: Our French friends raised a series of questions about the fan’s technology. They wanted to know: How to design the impeller and shaft? What is the effectiveness analysis of the fan? How to design the drawings? SIMO BLOWER adopts CAD computer-aided design for blowers, adopts CAPP computer-aided process design for key components, and uses finite element strength calculations for key components. We compare the multiple plans of variant design and model selection through relevant software. And blowers’ performance tests are done by computer automatic control. The customers were very satisfied, after visiting and inspecting SIMO BLOWER’s Technology Research and Development Center.

●Commercial schemes: The purchasing director, who came a long way from France, has very stringent requirements for the payment method. He raised questions on the advance payment and quality guarantee deposit. SIMO BLOWER’s business representatives explained to the customers that SIMO BLOWER’s payment method has always been in accordance with the current general international trade payment method. After hearing our explanation, the customers came to an agreement on the payment method with SIMO BLOWER.
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