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Latest company case about Xinxiang SIMO Blower Co., Ltd. Certifications

Heavy duty blower


Latest company case about Heavy duty blower

From 2012 to 2013, SIMO BLOWER together closely with our European distributor in Russia, Ukraine, Guatemala and other countries jointly undertake a number of large-scale industrial construction projects. Industrial boilers, precipitators, desulfurization unit involved in the project we thermal power plants, metallurgical plants and steel used in the production line, denitrification device provides more than 30 sets of heavy duty centrifugal fans. One of the biggest capacity reached 850000m3/h, the maximum pressure reached 8000pa, the maximum diameter of the impeller reach 3.2meters. In these projects, SIMO BLOWER use their wealth of experience in design and manufacturing of heavy-duty fans, fan performance in terms of design, structural design, transportation, installation, commissioning, operator training, etc., to provide customers with a number of professional advice and tailor-made services, to help customers save a lot of costs and resources. Currently, heavy duty fans SIMO BLOWER provided for these projects have been put into use and is running well. SIMO BLOWER and European distributor of cooperation is extended to a wider field.

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